Product Information

What is your neon sign made of?

We only use LED Flexible Neon, which is made from PVC with high quality acrylic as backing. Our neon signs produce relatively no heat, unbreakable, energy-efficient, and least expensive compared to traditional glass tube neon.

How are your neon signs made?

All our neon sign are handmade, you may find some small clear smudges between the acrylic backing and the neon tube. These are the special glue that we use in our process, which is usually not visible on the signs.

How do you power the neon signs?

All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket, and it comes with a 12V transformer, which is safe for indoor use.

We also provide all international power adaptors too.

What is the length of the power cord?

The cord from the neon sign is 2 meters long encased with a clear coating, with an additional of 1.5 meters of black cord from the power adaptor.

What does the package consist?

All our signs all comes with a 12V adapter suitable to your country. Which you can directly power up the neon sign.

You will get a remote control to adjust the level of brightness and also flashing functions with adjustable speeds.

How long does the neon sign last?

In general they have a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means if it is on 24 hours a day, it will last 5-6 years.

We recommend letting the sign rest for 2 hours for every 6 hours of use, to prolong the lifespan of the sign.

Customised Neon Sign

How is the process flow for customised neon sign?

You can customise your own design here at our customised neon sign page.

We will provide you with an estimated price range for your design within 1-3 working days. Once we have worked out the size, we will provide you with an accurate quote.

The lead time is about 1.5 – 2 weeks upon design confirmation and payment.

Can i use my preferred font or own handwriting?

Sure, please let us know the font name or you can attached your design in the form in our customised neon sign page

We will recommend only monoline(equal width) fonts due to the tube that we are using.

Calligraphy/brush styles can’t be replicated precisely.

What are the colours available?

Asset 1 100

We have a total of 15 choices in either White or Coloured casing.

Can I make a GIF effect neon sign?

Yes, we did it for our “Go Everywhere, Do Everything” sign.

Do send us the .gif file if you have, else you can also provide the sequences too.

General FAQ

Installation and weight of the sign

Installation: All our signs comes with an acrylic backing with holes, which you can drill directly to the wall or you can use to hang it up too.

Weight: Small to Medium signs are about 3-5Kgs and Larger signs will be about 8Kgs.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. We are able to provide all international power adaptors for your country too.

Can i use it outdoors?

You can still use it for outdoor events for a couple of hours, without getting it under the rain/water. But do not install it as a permanent fixture outdoors.

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